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Our team provides quality results because of our continued education and experience in the electrical industry.



Classic Electric & Consulting’s staff continually attends electrical upgrade and technology classes all over the country. Classic Electric is one of the first electrical companies to have all its electricians CALCPT (Advanced Lighting Controls) certified. Toby Mitchell is certified to teach electrical systems, specializing in NFPA 70E, electronic devices and lighting, including lighting efficacy. (For example, conservation includes lighting and environment controls with occupancy censors and/or daylight harvesting.)


Why should you select C.E.C. for your project?

C.E.C. is qualified to help maximize the efficiency and integrity of your electrical and control systems. We have start-to-finish project expertise, and we have the team needed to make your project a success. All of C.E.C.’s technicians require a minimum of 40 hours of classroom training per year, exceeding the state minimum of 32 hours every 3 years.