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Commercial Services

We provide solutions to help you reduce costs by maximizing energy efficiency. We never miss a deadline and always stay within budget. Please check out our list of commercial services to see how we can fulfill your company’s needs.


Electrical Repairs


Support and Maintenance Services

A critical system failure that shuts down operations is not the time to begin seeking qualified and costly service technicians and material. C.E.C. provides scheduled and unscheduled maintenance, recommissioning, and power quality testing.


Datacom & Fiberoptics


Energy Audits

We provide solutions to help you reduce costs by maximizing energy efficiency. We provide preventative maintenance to extend the life of your equipment, reduce lifecycle costs, and increase the quality of your electrical system.


Smart Technology Integration


Lighting & Fan Installation


Historical Building Upgrades


Motors/Motor Speed Drives


Control Cabinets


Program Logic Control


Specialty Builds


Explosion Proof Conduit/Wiring


Environmental Controlled Areas


Clean Rooms


Rebate Process Assistance

When selecting C.E.C. for your energy project, our team handles all rebate paperwork with corresponding agencies. This eliminates time-consuming paperwork for our clients. For non-C.E.C. customers, we can assist in the rebate process as well.


Electrical Construction Management

Backed by a team of experienced electricians, we work with our public and private industry clients to evaluate the installation of energy efficient systems to ensure proper commissioning. Our approach is clear and practical, helping you qualify bidders, estimate costs, and develop realistic schedules for the most advantageous results.


Onsite Construction Consultation or Observation

C.E.C. provides installation of your electrical project or observes the installation to ensure compliance with energy codes and standards. We help your contractors understand the construction plans and specifications, so they can install the electrical systems in accordance with the local and industrial standards. Our team helps the contractor solve problems that may arise in the field, before they escalate into costly changes and delays.


Warranty Issues

A high-efficiency system is only effective if it operates to its specifications. We understand our clients are busy and don’t have time to deal with warranty issues. C.E.C. offers full warranties, including parts and labor.