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Buying LEDs Light Bulbs

Buying LED light bulb LEDs are becoming more popular than ever.  Personally I think the cost verses energy saving has the most to do with it.  We first saw the LED that looked like a regular bulb selling for $25.00 a piece.  We bought one a year later for $15.00 now you see that same one for under $10.00.  Another reason could be acceptance of the digital light, over the resistive reddish glow of the past.  We hear a lot less complaining over the CFL , which means people are starting to adjust to the different light.  “LEDs are cool,...

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The Bulb Ban

Being in the electrical/ sustainable energy business I get asked all the time about the Incandescent light bulb being outlawed.  Especially with the first round of bulbs (100 watt)  going into effect last year. what is the outlaw? what does it effect? do i need to stock pile them? In December 2007, the federal government enacted the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007, which requires all general-purpose light bulbs that produce 310–2600 lumens of light[30] be 30% more energy efficient (similar to current halogen lamps) than current incandescent bulbs by 2012 to 2014. The efficiency standards will start with...

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Holiday Lights LED or No?

“Do LED Christmas lights really save me that much money?” I am not the first to write on this topic, but its been asked of me too.  I think because there is no “one” answer to this question.  Like with any energy efficiency project there are a lot of variables.  For example you can put in a new low E triple pane window, but if you like fresh air and have it wide open all the time. It sort of defeats the purpose. The variables here are: Are you a pre-thanksgiving Christmas’er or post.  Are your lights on a timer?...

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